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Our goal is simple: To help all young people attain their full potential and encourage educational success for all:

Ethos-Education works in collaboration with Values Education for Life, a registered charity, and  together they have been helping students who have experienced difficulties in their learning and life to fulfill their potential. The Charity has been engaged in this work  since 1991.


In particular it specialises in helping young people who have been labelled as 'anti-social' and where their behaviour is unacceptable within society and school. Our developmental programmes enable young people to re-examine their attitudes and values and to reflect and consider whether these are supportable and appropriate in a wider social and ethical context. This process invariably leads to a 'change of heart and mind'.

Who we are!

Research and Assessment

Ethos is involved in research to gain a better understanding of reasons for educational failure and intervention action that might counter this, together 

with forms of assessment which measures the development and progress of the young person.

E t h o s

Intervention Programme

Ethos has developed a powerful intervention programme to support young people who are failing to make the most of their educational opportunities, are 'anti-social' and at risk of social and educational exclusion.

.E  D  U  C  A  T  I  O  N

Ethos Magazine

Ethos is a magazine published twice each year which is made available free of charge to all schools, colleges and universities in the UK and beyond.

The Convocation held at the NEC Complex on Monday 11th May was a great success. Over twenty representatives from voluntary and statutory organisations working in Coventry and Warwickshire with disadvantaged families and their children attended This group identified the need for a directory listing organisations and what services they are able to provide.

If you would like to be included please respond by contacting Ethos-Education.

The ninth edition of Ethos is now available and can be easily accessed by going to the 'Ethos Magazine' page. This edition focuses on the importance of the ethos of the school and its ability to build a strong sense of community, shared values and commitment to the learning process.






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